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Transportation Tips


Limousine, Classic Car, or Horse and Carriage:

Here is a quick list of things to look for when selecting wedding transportation:
You're married now and the ceremony is over. You jump into the limousine, pour some champagne, and away you go. You get to the reception hall and you are missing a couple that was in your bridal party. Oh wait, here they come, packed in the front seat of your cousin Joe's new two seater sports car. Does this really happen?

Make sure the bridal party and parents all have rides to the reception. Let the bridal party know who their driver is and what type of car they are riding in.When hiring a Limousine, inspect the car first. Why should you pay for a cigarette burn from last weeks wedding?Champagne goes down good out of the bottle but having enough glasses sure makes it more enjoyable. Some local stores offer gift baskets for this special event. Remember a lot of times the bridal party misses the cocktail hour due to photo's so be prepared with beverage and snacks.Be sure to mail the driver directions and maps. Do not rely on " I know where that is".A mobile home or bus is a fun way to travel together and you can have your own cocktail hour while pictures are being taken. There is more room than a car and you have a bathroom along for the ride. Sometimes these mobile homes come at very competitive prices.

Horse and Buggy... An old traditional way of cruising to the reception. Great for the bride and groom along with the flower girl and ring bearer. Be prepared for a slower trip and keep the weather in mind. Not a good choice if you are getting married in New York in December.

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