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Seating Your Guests


Here are some tips for guest seating arrangements at
Your Wedding's Dinner Reception:

To start off it is best to draw a map of the banquet room or where the reception is taking place. Some banquet facilities might already have one available.

Be sure to ask how many chairs and tables are available incase your guest list grows from the time you book the room. Plan on a few more seats for Uncle Louie who told you he was coming stag and met a date the night before your wedding day.

Think about where you are going to have your entertainment set up before you make seating arrangements. Putting your grandparents at a table closet to the speakers might not be such a good idea. Younger people do not seem to mind as much about sitting near the speakers. It gives them the opportunity to get acquainted with your entertainment.

Plan ahead where your entertainment is going to be seated. It works better for them and there are no last minute surprises. A ten piece band would look funny sitting at a table for four. If your parents are divorced then use your judgement on how close you want them to sit to each other. Ask them for their preference. You should want everyone to feel comfortable.

Place cards work the best. When there are no place cards you take the chance of a couple being split up for dinner. Sitting your bridal party all at the same table should be planned and arranged with the caterer in advance. Decide ahead whether you want them to sit boy, girl, boy, girl or all the men on the left side of the groom and all the woman on the right of the bride. There is no rule for this but a lot of time and confusion will be saved if you decide ahead of time.

Seating little ones at the same table with a few hired teenage adults works well. Have some coloring books on hand. This will keep them busy and will allow them to make friends.

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