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Getting A Marriage License & Changing Your Name


Marriage License Check List:

  • To get a marriage license, the bride and groom must both go to the Marriage License Bureau either at the county courthouse or department of motor vehicles to request one.
  • Blood tests are sometimes required so ask your representative for details. This is usually not required in New York State.
  • Both parties must be at least 18 years old, or have a guardian's consent.
  • Bring your birth certificate for a valid ID, your driver's license if you have one and your social security card.
  • If you have been married before, you will need to show your exact dates of marriage and you will be asked to list all previous marriages. Proof of divorce will be necessary.
  • Your wedding must take place within 60 days of application. You will receive your marriage license sometime during that time frame. Some churches ask for this on your wedding day so be prepared.
  • The marriage license is not valid until 24 hours after you have received it.

Changing Your Name:

In most cases it is the bride that is changing her name.
Here are a few tips to help through the process.

The bride will need to contact the following agencies:

  • Department Of Motor Vehicles: Change your driver's license. Ask for a document in reference to your name change.
  • State Department Of Social Security: Contact your local Social Security office and set up an appointment to fill out the necessary forms. Ask for copies before you leave their office.
  • Federal Income Tax Department: Your income tax return will be filled out with your new name. Social Security should forward their information to the Internal Revenue Service but you should make sure the IRS received this information.
  • State Taxes: in NYS call (518) 438-8551

Here are the questions you will be asked when
changing your name and applying for a marriage license:

  • Name Of Groom
  • Residence Of Groom
  • Maiden Name Of Bride
  • Residence Of Bride
  • Last names from previous marriage
  • Age and date of birth for both parties
  • Place where drivers license was issued
  • Address, old and new
  • Attorney if required

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